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»lost generative lines & twin Calls in Augmented Reality Space, never-ending in situ everywhere I am«


27 September 6 pm

Württembergischer Kunstverein

launch with workshop of the drawing application dARwing


in the context of the exhibition Unberührt Berührt


The self-developed application dARwing can be used to draw in augmented reality space. The workshop provides an insight into the technology and enables participants to create their own designs. The drawings, which become digital sculptures, can then also be transferred from virtual to haptic space with the help of a technology called "wire bending". This digital-spatial drawing process explores how the interaction of bodily experiences and digital technologies (tracking) could have a positive effect on the artistic ability to represent.

lost lines

solo show, Kunstverein Nürtingen Duration: 14.04.22 ... 08.05.22


Opening: 14 april  2022 - 7:30 pm > Artikel

Speaker: Michael Gompf, 

Music Performance: Gee Hye Lee

Finissage: 8 may  2022 - 11:00 am

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Martin Oswald

Unnamed Tree Skulptur

work in progress Unnamed Tree Skulptur, Artist-in-Residence-Programm im Pedvale Art Park in Lettland

Installierung am Ort folgt mit Ausstellung im Sommer 2023


Siehe auch auf Instagram @die_bildhauerin 

Größe- Ich_Bin_Poster_A0_Angela_Murr_edited.jpg
Ja, ich BIN

Opening 13.8.21 Forecast, Exibition of the artist members of the Württembergischer Kunstverein »Ja, ich BIN« (Yes, I AM)


Look on Instagram @die_kunstleherin 

Natur versus Design

Ausstellungsprojekt WALK BY DesignTalk & Drinks

Do/22. Juli 2021 . Afterwork 17:00


Art Gallery, Böblingerstrasse 87 in Stuttgart-Heslach

vanory Lichtdesign aus Karlsruhe stellt sich vor.

Natur versus Design

Ausstellungsprojekt WALK BY DesignTalk & Drinks

Do/22. Juli 2021 . Afterwork 17:00

Ja, ich BIN die Kunstlehrerin.

Kreatives Projekt zum Thema Meinungs- und Pressefreiheit in den sozialen Netzwerken und Boulevardblättern. Ja, ich BIN ist eine konzeptionelle Arbeit, die sich mit medialen und kulturellen Mechanismen unserer Gesellschaft auseinandersetzt.


Look on Instagram.

#creativeproject @die_bildhauerin mit Mitteln der #Medien- und #Aktionskunst.
#statement #statementshirt #culture #art #fashion #stuttgart #art5gg

Opening Art Gallery . Kunstraum . creative projects

We look forward to seeing you. Soon.

Böblingerstrasse 87 in Stuttgart-Heslach


AR workshop for drawing and sculpture modelling

Children's Summer Studio 

In this workshop, we fly through the dimensions of space and time and playfully learn about the artists Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso and Alexander Calder. We deal with line sculptures for which Angela Murr uses the smartphone as a new tool, - the pencil of the 21st century. With the help of new drawing tools we experiment together. First we design a flying object or winged creature, then we bend it out of wire. In the second step, the real object is digitally traced on the smartphone. In this way, in addition to a real object, one is also created in virtual space.


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