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2009 - 2013

The multi-media installation of projection, printer, and music visualized this endless growth live in space. Here, the focus was not on the result, the finished product graphic or glass object, but the development process.. 


The projected animation of the growth process with the simultaneous printing of individual, randomly made screenshots reveal the unfathomable of becoming, which cannot be experienced in finished things and cannot be tangible at any moment in time.


The printer, adjusted above the projector, occasionally dropped the A6 print-outs into the exhibition space and thus enhanced the impression of a living tree presence through a poetic moment. Each printed screenshot of an Unnamed Tree came with a date and time notation. The sheets were signed by the artists on request for those who wanted to take one home.


Each print-out was also published and filed on the photo platform FLickr. In this way, the work combines elements of artificial nature and industrialized art. 

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