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2004 - 2021

The basis for the series of works titled Unnamed Tree ∞/∞ is an algorithm that takes three factors into account:

  • According to a default time interval, the starting line splits randomly into one, two, or three branches. The process repeats itself autonomously. In this way, the growth pattern is created.

  • The more frequent the growth intervals continue, the shorter and stronger are the new lines - thus appearing more organic.

  • The algorithm stops automatically before the ends of the branches start to grow into a square in the next step. The growth stops and starts again with a new starting line.

Since 2004 and up until now, the organic tree structures generated in this way have been transferred by artists into a number of various media: steel sculptures, screen-print compositions, taping, or glass objects. And it's not only the shape that offers limitless variations but the material, too, has no limits with regard to conversions.

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